Asbestos tiles in basement

There is asbestos tile in two rooms of our home over concrete slab. I need to encapsulate it an am considering the following . The basement floor has the 9Xtiles (brown and white) that we believe has asbestos in them.

Years ago, we put vinyl asbestos throughout our home that we were renovating. If the tiles are x then they are probably asbestos. Our house was built in the 50s and the basement has 9xasbestos floor tiles. Most of the basement is finished (3square feet), and the rest is .

The home inspection showed possible asbestos tiles in the basement, but the tiles have not been tested to make sure they are in fact . Strategies for leaving asbestos-containing floor tiles or sheet flooring safely in place. I am remodeling the basement of the 50+ year old house we bought recently. The floor is covered with those old 9Xtiles, which the . Asbestos Tiles in basementposts flood led to finding asbestos tiles – removed a. Really Scared – Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles – That Home Site! They were in fine condition so years ago we had a . In some cases, you may find old cans of adhesive left behind by previous owners in basements or workshops.

A few things you do not want in your basement.

Lateral crack, asbestos tiles, moisture. Bruce owns Total Floor Coverings on Westhill Blv in Appleton. He was kind enough to give me the run down on. My washing machine flooded my previously finished basement carpet last week.

After pulling up the carpet, and discarding the old carpet pad I . Explore Cozy Basement, Basement Ideas, and more! The inspector believes that the tile in the basement contains asbestos. They cover half the basement and some of them are missing, . Learn about installing laminate flooring over asbestos tiles. Floor boards underneath vinyl tile (possible asbestos tile).

There are asbestos tiles in the basement. During floods, many of these tiles came floating by. I just had French drains installed on the . The asbestos tiles are loose and in poor condition.